It takes a lot of blue to stay green.


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About WaterBeClean

WaterBeClean is a mineral flow-through water ionizer with the shape of a pitcher. Unlike an electric water ionizer, it does not need electricity to function. Initially, its activated carbon particles purify water of pollutants and then, thanks to the special ceramics contained in the filter, water undergoes a mineral ionization. In addition, a small plaque inserted in the bottom of the carafe provides the right energetic quality. The final product, WaterBeClean water, is harmoniously energized, clean, alkaline, ionized and antioxidant. Please note: ionization performance may vary depending on the mineral composition of the water. For this reason, a high ionization performance cannot always be guaranteed and therefore a low to very low pH and/or a redox value in the positive range is possible

It takes a lot of blue to stay green.

Environmentally-friendly, because only the cartridge needs to be replaced

Every drop of clean water is important to us!

One filter cartridge can be used to filter 300 litres of water. We recommend changing the filter after 60 days, regardless of whether the maximum flow rate has been reached or not. This ensures optimum filter performance, and greatly reduces the risk of bacteria proliferating inside the filter. The ionizing power depends on the origin of water.

Why Choose WaterBeClean?



You can easily take it with you and always enjoy good water wherever you go.


Rich clear water

Special ceramics ionize the water, make it alkaline, antioxidant and rich in oxygen