Our Mission & Values

The search for approaches to energy generation but also energy conservation is our focus. We don’t set any limits – neither in technology nor in traditional applications. With the approach of holism we make the difference.

What approaches are we pursuing? We help you to your personal 360⁰ care to promote your health and fitness (body and mind). We combine progress and tradition to your own therapy. Be it for treatment, for recovery, for convalescence, for prophylaxis or for deacidification (detox) of the body. With a very special all-round care, we address your body and your stressors and provide you with everything you need.

Various approaches from selected areas of physiotherapy, applied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and nutritional science allow us to get an overall picture of you. Various types of analysis give us an indication of how and in what combination we can help you. Ultimately, it is the combination with which we specifically target your body and mind.

We want to help people have a better life. You deserve a better life, hence our vision: 

More energy for everyone! – Is that all? – Yes. – How? 

We develop efficient therapies against mental and physical stress. The latest, specially selected high-tech devices guarantee the best support and the best possible  success. We combine the technique with traditional methods such as: hand massage as a supplement, singing bowls to reduce stress, Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) with a new «magnetic pen method». We help you to have more energy to change your life.

More energy means that you can

  • deal with stress better (both physically and mentally) 
  • better, more efficient sleep 
  • never be tired again 
  • eliminate many side effects such as headaches etc 
  • improve the immune system 
  • More concentrated and efficient work 
  • increase the chances of finding work

Marco Gairing

Hello, my name is Marco Gairing, I am the owner and CEO of the company. I am Swiss and my hometown is St. Gallen and I was born in 1967.

I am a trained vitality coach. As the word suggests, I am interested in  everything that concerns my life. Taking care of my health is my calling. 

I love reading and educating myself. I like to go into nature to experience all  the beautiful things. Animals, trees, colors, fresh air. 

I love my job, helping people is my passion. That’s why I develop therapies that lead  to success and I’m happy to pass on my knowledge.