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More energy for everyone! – Is this all? – Yes. – how?
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Marco Gairing

Marco Gairing

Hello, my name is Marco Gairing, I am the owner and CEO of the company. I am Swiss and my hometown is St. Gallen, I was born in 1967 and I am married. My wife Sadet is from Tetovo. 

I am a trained vitality coach. As the word suggests, I am interested in… Read More

Our vision

We develop efficient therapies against mental and physical stress. The latest, specially selected high-tech devices guarantee the best support and the best possible success. We combine the technique with traditional methods such as: hand massage as a supplement, singing bowls to reduce stress, Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) with a new «magnetic pen method». We help you to… Read more


Why is important to be stressless?

To be stressless is equal as to be energized. The more stress you have, the less energy you will have, and this can lead you to the sickness.

So, stress is directly compatible to sickness.

How will you help me to be stressless?

All our treatment will teach you to recover. We help you to know – 1st how to keep your energy and 2nd how to take more energy.

Also all our treatments are developed in a circle of power keeping.

How can I book a session?

We have a booking tool. Here you can book your decided session online, or you can call us. Click here for our contacts.
What does recovery best mean?
Recovery Best means “the best possible recovery” and is a promise to develop our offers in such a way that they are among the best and most  promising.
How did the idea come about?
As a teenager, Marco discovered the benefits of power napping (short naps – power naps) for himself. He quickly noticed that sleeping 15 minutes  during the lunch break is very good for him and gives him a lot of energy for the afternoon. 

From this, the business idea of ​the Powernap studio was born 10 years ago. Year after year he has expanded the original idea to include many health  elements and thus further developed his concept. 

The constant development of therapy methods (mental and physical) is his passion and motivation.

Where does Marco get all the energy from?
Since energy has always been his subject, he has made it his life’s work to “analyze” his mental and physical energy. He finds out how to conserve and  build up these energies. Maintaining in the sense of «not losing energy unnecessarily» and building up means that it supports efficient sleeping and  power naps, e.g. with binatural beats (special frequencies of music).
What are the next steps for development?
Oh, there are a lot of concept additions in the pipeline for optimization. Just one example: Selected restaurants in Tetovo will soon be offering menus  with our food concept “”. EatFatless is also part of our health promotion and is offered to restaurant guests without any effort. In the  menu card, the menus are supplemented with a list of ingredients (for shopping) and a description of the preparation. This way you can take photos  and use it to cook at home. The aim is to bring healthy food to families. The restaurants are certified by us and listed on our homepage.

The CAM’s are special treatments  for massage with compressed air.

The 8in1 therapy bed includes 8 therapies.

The hightech massage chair have 6 different programs.

Extendus is an extension chair for spine.

The Magic Pens are the magic on treatments.

Tones that are specially programmed for stressed people to make them calm and relaxed.

What does cellRESETTING mean?

cellRESETTING means “resetting the (body’s own) cells” and explains the end result of our metabolism activation program. At the end of 2 phases of the program, all up to 80 billion cells are “reset”, i.e. deacidified and purified. Result: much more energy. And energy has  many positive qualities for body and mind and can solve many “life problems”. Hence the enormous success in losing weight of up to 20 kilos (after  phase 1 and 2) and without the yo-yo effect.

Why is cellRESETTING so important for the Bestressless concept?

As mentioned, the program includes cell reset. Humans have 60-80 billion cells. Each cell is like a microscopic power plant (energy storage) and is  replaced every 60-90 days. Now, due to the many influences (stress, environment, electrosmog and also poor nutrition such as fast food), many of  the cells are dead or have little energy. 

The program now ensures that replaced cells are re-energized with energy. Thus, the energy level increases all the time. Now you have to know that about 1 billion cells are replaced every day. From this knowledge follows: The program lasts 90 days. The 90 days are the  2nd phase. In advance of this, in phase 1, the metabolism (responsible for the energization of each individual cell) is activated for 28 days.

Why is the diet supplemented with the Fitline products during the cellRESETTING?

The nutrient transport concept (NTC®), i.e. its very rapid cell availability of the product contents, has convinced us because we achieve the best  results with it. We need the by-products of the best quality, available very quickly in the cell and with high absorption of the ingredients  (bioavailability).

What is the idea behind EatFatless?

Our employees and product managers have set themselves the goal of living a sustainable healthy and fit life. 

We supplement all our food and fast once a year for 28 days. We do this with our specially developed program for metabolic activation.

The program is aptly called cellRESETTING. Find out more here.

Since this program requires a special diet, it is not easy for some people to cook like this. Especially for people who are often on the road for business and eat in restaurants. For them, we have launched the EatFatless project.

People are increasingly asking for healthy food. In this way, we also want to give guests in restaurants the opportunity to eat healthy as guaranteed. 

Selected restaurants thus get the chance to offer their guests a second menu EatFatless. Voluntary certification gives guests the security of enjoying food cooked exactly according to plan.

Why is electrosmog part of the bestressless concept?

WLAN, computers, mobile networks and also high-voltage lines generate invisible radiation, the so-called electrosmog. This electromagnetic radiation from various sources is simply everywhere. 

The radiation fields generated by humans differ in both type and frequency. The radiation exposure is all the higher if there are many lines and technical equipment nearby. Electrosmog is actually an artificial word that consists of “electro”, “smoke” and “fog”,i.e. smoke and fog. It can be translated as an invisible, electric fog. There are electric and magnetic fields that differ in range and physical properties. They have different effects on people.

Electrosmog is not visible. Can it still be measured?

Yes, electrosmog is measurable. Everyone is exposed to electromagnetic radiation every day: at home, at work, in the restaurant, on the bus, everywhere. The first symptoms may be headaches and fatigue. If other complaints, such as restless sleep, are added, it is time to look for the sources of the radiation. This is because it affects the cells throughout the body. In the worst case, this can lead to tumors..

Is it possible to protect yourself against electrosmog?

Yes, you can protect yourself. 

A Swiss company with over 20 years of experience with electromagnetic waves has developed various devices that neutralize these rays and thus protect the body. 

Why is drinking water so important for us?

Yes, without water all living things would die. We humans consist of up to 70% water, which we have to “replenish” every day. That’s why drinking is so important. If we come out of the water ballance, we dehydrate. We get dizzy or we faint. In extreme cases, we can even die.

Why do many people drink too little – Does this have to do with water quality?

Yes, water quality has steadily deteriorated since the industrial age. The water is “abused” for various processes and suffers from it.


Therefore, you have to know for the first time what properties our body has in this context.

  1. It is basic – with a PH value between 7.20 and 7.45.
  2. It is energetically negatively pooled. This means that our water content (blood) is electrostatically negatively charged.
  3. Our body is “pure” and must remain so. For example, pesticides, heavy metals, mictoplasty (a major problem in drinking water today) must be eliminated. In the case of drinking water from lakes, attention must also be paid to drug residues.
What has happened, why does the drinking water have to be cleaned again?
  1. Depending on the situation, water has a PH value of less than 7. This means that it is acidic and must be based with a lot of energy to make it fit for the body.
  2. Since our body’s own hydration is dependent on negative ionization, this must also be processed with increased energy expenditure.
  3. All these impurities such as microplastics, etc. must also be eliminated with enormous energy expenditure..


All this energy loss has been incorporated into the concept of with the aim of building up energy and saving energy.

Is there a possibility of home visits?

Since we work with high-tech therapy devices, home visits make little sense, as the effort of setting up and dismantling the devices would be too great.

But, we bring our MAXIMUS high-tech massage chair to your doorstep. Only the walk outside the door has to be organized.

How is that meant? Get a massage on your doorstep?

As I said, we work with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment. Thus, our massage therapies are primarily carried out by our MAXIMUS. Only the body zones, which can not be reached with technology or with persistent pain, help our physiotherapists.


With our sub-concept of the  RecoveryFly, we also offer our service on the go. We have specially converted a transport vehicle and “fly” one of our massage chairs to you. 


Especially for older people as well as pregnant women, a soothing massage is also possible for you.