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Eight recognized forms of therapy are combined in a single wellness system.


Four different Compressed Air Massage therapies.


Hightech massage chair
Premium class.


The chair that helps back-damaged people or it prevents them from it, also ensures maximum relief of the intervertebral discs by a mild stretching of the spine…


The jade is considered the stone of calming and harmony.It is said to have a variety of healing effects.

It is the gemstone and should lead to clarity and structure. In addition, it should evoke inner peace and tolerance…

Magic Pens

Nature has always been under the influence of magnetic fields. It has long been known that our earth is a gigantic magnet.

We stimulate the acupuncture points with the tips of the Magic Pens…

Binaural Beats

Decades ago, scientists discovered a surprising effect of sound waves below about 1500 Hertz (Hz). If the right and left ear are offered slightly different tones at the same time, a new acoustic signal is created. One now perceives a pulsating single tone, whose volume modulation corresponds exactly to the difference between the two tone frequencies…


Quant resonance analyse
For measure of condition of the body.

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