Magic Pens

Nature has always been under the influence of magnetic fields. It has long been known that our earth is a gigantic magnet.
Magnetism has therefore played a major role since the beginning.

Magic treatment by magnetic pins

How is magnetism related to the human body?

Magnetic fields are formed on the one hand with every movement of electric charges and on the other hand the magnetic moment of elementary particles exists as a result of their spin, which leads to permanent magnets and other magnetic properties of solids.

All biochemical processes in our body are associated with electric currents and electromagnetic fields. One could also say that electromagnetic processes are the central control in the body.

Experiments showed that these electrical currents eliminate cell residues in the blood vessels. For example, so-called magnetic field therapy has been used very successfully for years to stimulate cell regeneration, especially in bone injuries and fractures.

Why our treatment with our mega magnets?

In the case of strong energy flow disturbances, however, these unbundled magnetic fields are no longer sufficient. With our Magic pens, we can specifically direct magnetic fields to the affected areas (with magnetic strengths of around 14,000 gaus).
This allows us to work much stronger and more precisely. In addition, we additionally stimulate the acupuncture points with the tips of the Magic Pens.

Acupuncture is one of the best-known methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

A very well-trained therapist masters the application of classical acupuncture. The training requires intensive study and a variety of materials.

We do not work with needles, we use the gentler Magic Pens.

The Magic Pens are suitable for fast treatment, as well as for maintaining health or removing blockages.

In our hands, the pins are a great time and financial relief for you, as it simplifies the application according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and makes it much easier due to the low time required. Recovery or relief from pain occurs very quickly.

Img. 1

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Img. 1: After the therapy, energy is clearly visible on the meridian points

Img. 2, 3: It is treated along the meridians (energy pathways)