Is there a possibility of home visits?

Since we work with high-tech therapy devices, home visits make little sense, as the effort of setting up and dismantling the devices would be too great.

But, we bring our MAXIMUS high-tech massage chair to your doorstep. Only the walk outside the door has to be organized.

How is that meant? Get a massage on your doorstep?

As I said, we work with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment. Thus, our massage therapies are primarily carried out by our MAXIMUS. Only the body zones, which can not be reached with technology or with persistent pain, help our physiotherapists.


With our sub-concept of the  RecoveryFly, we also offer our service on the go. We have specially converted a transport vehicle and “fly” one of our massage chairs to you. 


Especially for older people as well as pregnant women, a soothing massage is also possible for you.