Why is drinking water so important for us?

Yes, without water all living things would die. We humans consist of up to 70% water, which we have to “replenish” every day. That’s why drinking is so important. If we come out of the water ballance, we dehydrate. We get dizzy or we faint. In extreme cases, we can even die.

Why do many people drink too little – Does this have to do with water quality?

Yes, water quality has steadily deteriorated since the industrial age. The water is “abused” for various processes and suffers from it.


Therefore, you have to know for the first time what properties our body has in this context.

  1. It is basic – with a PH value between 7.20 and 7.45.
  2. It is energetically negatively pooled. This means that our water content (blood) is electrostatically negatively charged.
  3. Our body is “pure” and must remain so. For example, pesticides, heavy metals, mictoplasty (a major problem in drinking water today) must be eliminated. In the case of drinking water from lakes, attention must also be paid to drug residues.
What has happened, why does the drinking water have to be cleaned again?
  1. Depending on the situation, water has a PH value of less than 7. This means that it is acidic and must be based with a lot of energy to make it fit for the body.
  2. Since our body’s own hydration is dependent on negative ionization, this must also be processed with increased energy expenditure.
  3. All these impurities such as microplastics, etc. must also be eliminated with enormous energy expenditure..


All this energy loss has been incorporated into the concept of bestressless.com with the aim of building up energy and saving energy.