What does cellRESETTING mean?

cellRESETTING means “resetting the (body’s own) cells” and explains the end result of our metabolism activation program. At the end of 2 phases of the program, all up to 80 billion cells are “reset”, i.e. deacidified and purified. Result: much more energy. And energy has  many positive qualities for body and mind and can solve many “life problems”. Hence the enormous success in losing weight of up to 20 kilos (after  phase 1 and 2) and without the yo-yo effect.

Why is cellRESETTING so important for the Bestressless concept?

As mentioned, the program includes cell reset. Humans have 60-80 billion cells. Each cell is like a microscopic power plant (energy storage) and is  replaced every 60-90 days. Now, due to the many influences (stress, environment, electrosmog and also poor nutrition such as fast food), many of  the cells are dead or have little energy. 

The program now ensures that replaced cells are re-energized with energy. Thus, the energy level increases all the time. Now you have to know that about 1 billion cells are replaced every day. From this knowledge follows: The program lasts 90 days. The 90 days are the  2nd phase. In advance of this, in phase 1, the metabolism (responsible for the energization of each individual cell) is activated for 28 days.

Why is the diet supplemented with the Fitline products during the cellRESETTING?

The nutrient transport concept (NTC®), i.e. its very rapid cell availability of the product contents, has convinced us because we achieve the best  results with it. We need the by-products of the best quality, available very quickly in the cell and with high absorption of the ingredients  (bioavailability).