Welcome to cellRESETTING

cellRESETTING System

cellRESET is a detox system created in Germany for the purpose of helping people reverse the aging process, resetting cells, and lose weight.  It is a combination of FitLine nutritional supplements, a regimented diet, and moderate exercise.

cellRESETTING has 3 phases

1. Activation

2. Stabilization

3. Lifestyle

How It Works

The activation phase helps the body to develop its potential

In the stabilization phase, the body optimizes itself and delivers full performance

Now even an occasional celebration can no longer disturb the natural processes

What is cellRESETTING

Discover cellRESETTING – a revolutionary concept designed for simplicity, effectiveness, and modern living. Enjoy delicious meals four times a day, always feeling full, and no exercise during the first week. With easy-to-follow instructions and a personal companion, achieve a healthier, more vibrant life without the typical side effects of conventional diets. Embrace cellRESETTING and unlock a world of vitality, pleasure, and boundless energy.

Our cellRESETTING concept consists of

3 different days


(white meat, fish, tofu…)
cleansing and balancing days


The basis for this is
high-quality, natural
and pure food


Parties, holidays, weekends
with family and friends:
desserts, cakes, wine, beer