Why is electrosmog part of the bestressless concept?

WLAN, computers, mobile networks and also high-voltage lines generate invisible radiation, the so-called electrosmog. This electromagnetic radiation from various sources is simply everywhere. 

The radiation fields generated by humans differ in both type and frequency. The radiation exposure is all the higher if there are many lines and technical equipment nearby. Electrosmog is actually an artificial word that consists of “electro”, “smoke” and “fog”,i.e. smoke and fog. It can be translated as an invisible, electric fog. There are electric and magnetic fields that differ in range and physical properties. They have different effects on people.

Electrosmog is not visible. Can it still be measured?

Yes, electrosmog is measurable. Everyone is exposed to electromagnetic radiation every day: at home, at work, in the restaurant, on the bus, everywhere. The first symptoms may be headaches and fatigue. If other complaints, such as restless sleep, are added, it is time to look for the sources of the radiation. This is because it affects the cells throughout the body. In the worst case, this can lead to tumors..

Is it possible to protect yourself against electrosmog?

Yes, you can protect yourself. 

A Swiss company with over 20 years of experience with electromagnetic waves has developed various devices that neutralize these rays and thus protect the body.